Research to investigate interruptions to gender related healthcare during the pandemic

Jack Lopez, Lecturer in Society and Health, University of Bradford, School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences

Jack is conducting research to investigate interruptions and barriers to accessing gender transition related healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic to better understand the long-term issues for Trans/Trans Non-binary (Trans*) individuals and overburdened services.


  • To investigate whether there have been interruptions and barriers to receiving cross-hormone treatment since 26th March 2020 and how this differed across the UK.
  • To understand the impact on individuals on the removal, delay or threat of delay to cross-hormone treatment since 26th March 2020.
  • To understand the social and personal impact of postponed gender affirming surgery assessments or surgery.
  • To assess the level of communication between GICs and Trans* patients during COVID-19 and the extent to which waiting times are affected.

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