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GIRES is a UK wide organisation whose purpose is to improve the lives of trans and gender diverse people of all ages, including those who are non-binary and non-gender.

GIRES is a volunteer operated membership charity that, in collaboration with the other groups in its field, hears, helps, empowers and gives a voice to trans and gender diverse individuals, including those who are non-binary and non-gender, as well as their families.

We use evidence from individuals’ lived experiences, combined with scientific research into gender identity development, to educate all those who are able to improve trans and gender diverse individuals’ wellbeing. We contribute to policy development regarding equality and human rights for individuals, especially in healthcare.

We also deliver training, e-learning and information to public and private sector organisations, including supporting trans and gender diverse employees or students.

Please download our leaflet, Information and support for trans, non-binary and non-gender people (PDF, 525KB), for a starting point of discovery.


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Conversion therapy includes medical, psychiatric, psychological, religious, cultural or any other interventions that seek to erase, repress or change the sexual orientation and/or gender identity of a person.

At the end of March it’ll have been 1000 days since the UK Gov promised to ban conversion therapy. Today we join a coalition calling to #BanConversionTherapy! Your voice can make a difference, email your MP today 

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GIRES endorses definition of transphobia

GIRES has signed up to a unified definition of transphobia

The core value underlying all transphobia is a rejection of trans identity and a refusal to acknowledge that it could possibly be real or valid.

Transphobia has no single, simple manifestation. Rather, it is enacted through a complex array of ever-shifting behaviours and arguments that have, as consequence – whether acknowledged or not– the denial to trans individuals of all possibility of living openly, comfortably in society, and, in the end, the erasure of trans people as a viable class.

For more information visit Transactual website:



TPATH 2021 Conference: Converging Crises: Transgender Health and Activism in 2021 July 31st to August 1st 2021

Trans communities around the globe are affected by the convergent crises of politically motivated attacks, rollbacks of civil and human rights, neglectful and abusive healthcare systems, police and state-sanctioned violence, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But we are not all affected equally. TPATHs inaugural conference will grapple with these and other complex issues.

Find out more and to book your place

Celebrating Infinitely Diverse Gender Expressions

A few of GIRES’ friends colleagues and supporters.

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