Empowering Gender Diverse Young People

In collaboration with Mermaids, GIRES has been campaigning since 2000 for the NHS to make puberty suspending medication available to gender diverse young people in accordance with the international guidelines. Some families have been taking their young people to the USA and Germany for treatment. The NHS adopted this approach partially in 2011 and then fully in 2014. The next goal is to achieve a more benign approach regarding cross-sex hormones and care for young people who have obtained medication via the internet.

A great group of young people have formed a National Trans Youth Network, of which GIRES and twenty-three other organisations that support them are members. The Network held its free inaugural conference in Manchester on 8th November 2014 funded by GIRES, Awards for All, and the National LGB&T Partnership. The 170 available places were rapidly sold out. The conference includes a range of sessions to inform and empower young people, including a question and answer session with a panel of professionals working in the trans healthcare field.