Support for Corporate Members & Other Organisations

The 101 GIRES Corporate Members operate in:

  • law
  • policing
  • emergency services
  • regulation
  • financial services
  • insurance
  • education (including schools, colleges and universities)
  • sport
  • healthcare
  • social care
  • housing
  • local and central government
  • telecommunications
  • television
  • publishing
  • aviation
  • nuclear power
  • defence systems and equipment
  • medical products
  • information technology
  • food processing and building services
  • trans support
  • trades unionism

GIRES offers each Corporate Member the flexible tailor made package of services that it needs. They pay varying amounts, depending on the services specified. Corporate Members are not required to make a long term commitment.

The services and level of payment are reviewed and adjusted each year.

These services include:

  • arranging focus groups with gender diverse people;
  • participation in diversity consultation groups;
  • help in recruiting gender diverse people;
  • development of transgender policies, standards, guidance, equality schemes and equality analyses;
  • document review;
  • assessment of data gathering processes;
  • internal training sessions delivered by a GIRES team that always includes gender diverse people;
  • preparation of web-based e-learning resources on transgender issues;
  • development of a trans healthcare scheme for employees;
  • responding properly to a complaint from a gender diverse person;
  • supporting a gender diverse individual at work.

Gender Identity Explained