Hate Crime Project

I am Yvette Barzey, a student currently studying MSc Forensic Psychology at Kingston University, London. I am also a Queer, Black, Womxn.

For my dissertation research project I am examining the effect that hate crime victimisation has on mental health and risk-taking behaviour, specifically whether this effect is different if the hate crime is resolved (i.e. the perpetrator is charged, arrested etc.). Hate crime in the UK has risen rapidly over the past 5 years and I believe that this research will be extremely valuable for victim support services as it will allow organisations to further understand the effect that victimisation can have on marginalised communities. It also aims to highlight the need for serious action to be taken at a higher level to put a stop to hate crime and help those who have been affected.

This is not just a dissertation project for me, but in fact a step towards working with some of the marginalised communities that I am also a part of.

I am focusing my research on race, gender, and sexuality, however participants do not have to identify with any protected characteristics to take part. Anyone can participate as long as they are 18+ and give their consent. The survey will take around 15 minutes to complete and I am collecting responses until 7th Aug 2020

The link to my study is here: https://kingstonpcs.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0HWQLYH5HCwo1O5

Here is the link as a Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/Y_Barzey/status/1279095417192448001?s=20

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| Mental Healthcare Assistant | Aspiring Forensic Psychologist | Photographer | Twitter: @Y_Barzey |


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