Support for Educators

Information, advice and training are provided not only by GIRES but also by the Allsorts Youth Project, Gendered Intelligence, Mermaids and Schools Out. The GIRES toolkit, funded by the Home Office, has been a valuable resource for schools to use in combating transphobic bullying and GIRES will now update it.

However, the Department for Education (DfE) has made little effort to alert schools to the increasing likelihood that they will need to support a gender diverse person and inform them about the wide range of resources available. Nonetheless, some educators have sought GIRES help to train staff and develop lawful policies to support gender diverse people pre-emptively as part of their equality and diversity programmes. This is preferable to seeking GIRES help, as some do, only when they suddenly need to support a student or teacher who announces the intention to change gender role.

Usually, the educators that GIRES helps wish to avoid publicity for their work on transgender issues for fear of attracting press attention, especially when this involves a pupil or teacher. However, Imperial College London has decided to feature prominently on its website the commitments it has made to support gender diverse staff and students. The College invited GIRES to deliver its annual diversity lecture.