Updates from GIRES

GIRES held a successful AGM on Sunday 27 October 2019, which saw the appointment of Shaan Knan as GIRES Chair in succession to Dr Ben Vincent. The charity expressed thanks to Ben for their excellent work as both Trustee and Chair. Heather Cox also stood down as a Trustee at the AGM, the charity thanks Heather for her support and work with the charity over many years.

Following an open recruitment process three new Trustees have been appointed to the Executive Board – Reubs Walsh, Rev Dr Christina Beardsley and Amy Stanning who bring a wealth of experience in business, academia and trans life to the charity.

The charity also announced receipt of a hugely generous £30,000 donation from one of its long-standing members in loving memory of her mother. In addition, another benefactor’s will, which is now being implemented, includes a prospective payment to GIRES of £25,000, probably next year.

The Executive Board will be undertaking a strategic review of the options for developing the charity’s work championing the rights of transgender and gender diverse people.

The charity looks to the future with confidence and optimism, being financially sound and with a strengthened trustee board.