University of Exeter Research into interaction goals between females

We are students from the University of Exeter in the UK, and are researching interaction goals between females.

You are being asked to take part in a research study that aims to collect information regarding interactions between female identifying office mates to gain a better understanding of the goals of interactions.

Why have I been invited to participate?

You have been invited to participate because you are over 18 years old and identify as female.

What will this study involve?

You will be presented with a hypothetical situation regarding sharing an office with a new person and asked questions about this interaction regarding your personal goals and concerns. The whole study should take no longer than 20-25 minutes. Moreover, the consent given in no way binds you to the full completion of the study and you are free to withdraw from the investigation at any point. Moreover, if you would like to take part in the prize draw please leave your email in the box at the end of the study.

You can find contact details on the link provided below.