Standing up for Trans Folk in the Media

Basic Strategy: Simple and Advanced Techniques

Who’s it for?

Trans folks (binary and non-binary alike) and allies, wanting to be more effective in their communications with the wider public online and in the mainstream media.

This event applies whether you are a media regular looking to up your game, a newby nervously eyeing up the media, or just want to enhance your online presence.

What will you learn?

  • Basic strategy: tools for thinking about media strategically
  • What counts – and what doesn’t – when developing an online presence
  • Defensive media: avoiding the pitfalls of appearances in a hostile media. Cutting through.
  • Personal survival techniques


Sessions will include:

  • Why do you want to communicate? What messages? What works/what doesn’t?
  • Thinking about audiences
  • Social media: building a presence. Do’s and Don’ts. Bear Traps.
  • Online comms: non-social media. SEO and PPC. Mutual support
  • Mainstream media: the landscape and limitations
  • Locating best comms practice within mainstream media interactions
  • Techniques for inter-acting with the MSM

When/Where – and Booking

Trans Media Watch, with support from GIRES, Mermaids, LGBT Consortium are running two training days in December (lasting four to five hours each).

These take place:

Or drop a line via


The event is FREE to attendees. For those who may need to travel to attend, there is a limited travel bursary available on application.

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