Research on substance use in transmasculine individuals

My name is Tyler Mills and I am a PhD student at the University of Hull in the Psychology Department. I am preparing to conduct longitudinal research on correlates of substance use in transmasculine individuals.

The Transmasculine Experience Project will commence in September 2019 and will be conducted over two years. The research will focus on exploring correlates of substance use; this includes personality traits, psychopathology, quality of life, transphobia and gender-related victimisation, gender minority stress, and masculine gender role conflict.

Participation in this research includes taking psychometric tests which assess correlates of substance use, and will take approximately 45 minutes.

Some participants will be asked if they want to take part in a follow-up interview to discuss their personal conceptualisation of substance use and how it relates to their experience of being transgender. This interview will take approximately 1-2 hours, to be completed at a separate time to the psychometric tests over Skype. This process will be repeated with the same participants one year later.

Participation in this research is confidential and voluntary and participants will receive appropriate financial compensation for taking part.

Full ethical approval has been granted by the Psychology Department Ethics Committee at the University of Hull. If you would like to know more about this research, I would be happy to give you more information. You can contact me directly via email ( or the project supervisor Dr. David Smith (