Narratives of Health and Illness for Healthtalkonline

My name is Magdalena Mikulak.

I am a researcher working with the Health Experiences Research Group at the University of Oxford. I am asking you to take part in research. Before you decide if you want to take part or not, I want to tell you why the research is being done, and what you can expect if you do take part.

Please read what I have to say carefully. Talk about it with friends, relatives and your GP if you wish. Ask me if you have any other questions.

What is the purpose of the study?

The aim of our research programme is to improve understanding of people’s experiences of health, illness and healthcare, and provide resources to support people living with a wide variety of health conditions, their families, friends and the health professionals involved in their care. We collect video, audio and written interviews, which may be used in several ways:

  • to find out what is important to people faced with different health issues
  • to contribute to the website which is run by the DIPEx charity
  • to develop other support and information and training resources for people
  • to train health and social care professionals
  • to support quality improvement in healthcare
  • to write research papers is a website that has: people’s stories of health, illness and other health-related issues such as bereavement, ageing or parenting information about tests and treatments.

Narratives of Health and Illness for Healthtalkonline

  • other information that may be useful to people going through similar experiences
  • a teaching and learning area for health and social care staff and anyone involved in healthcare

Contact Information: If you have any queries at all about the project, please telephone Magdalena Mikulak on 0756 8128 398 or Sue Ziebland of the Health Experiences Research team on 01865 289302.

More Information: Participant Information Sheet (PDF, 742KB)

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