LBT Womens’ Health Week 2019

LBT Women’s Health Week 2019 takes place from the 11th to the 15th of March. It is a mainly online campaign, using the hashtag #LBTWomensHealth19 and including Webinars, a Twitter Q&A, Sharing data and research, Social media takeovers, Information and views from our Ambassadors, Events and discussions, Targeted clinics and support groups and the Launch of the LGBT+ Sector Women’s Network.

A full briefing on the week can be found and downloaded on our website.

The aim of LBT Women’s Health Week is to raise awareness about health inequalities affecting the women in our communities, to make it easier for service providers to empower service users and for communities to support LBT women.

The week is also an opportunity to celebrate, highlight and learn from the work of groups and services which provide dedicated support to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans women.

The main focus of LBT Women’s Health Week 2019 is visibility. We are using ‘visiBiLiTy’ to highlight the B, L and T – representing the diverse women in our communities.

We’re organising, leading and supporting events and activities across the country and in social and print media, and on the radio. We are also providing you with facts and information to help explain why LBT Women’s health and wellbeing needs to be made a priority, infographics to spread the word and a good practice guide to support your action. We’re particularly excited to be launching a network for women working in the LGBT+ sector, and releasing the results of some interesting new research on LGBT women’s health.

We’re calling on individuals and organisations to commit to making at least one practical change to better include, support and empower LBT women. You can make a pledge in each of these areas on our website:

You can read more about how to take action in our Good Practice Guide.

The easiest thing you can do to support LBT Women’s Health Week is to retweet our tweets in the run up to, and during, the week. To see our content, please follow @LGBTPartnership. Our tweets will raise awareness of the week, provide key data about LBT Women’s Health, and signpost to our events, partners’ events and reports and resources being launched during the week. If you’d like to tweet or comment on retweets, please use the hashtag: #LBTWomensHealth19, as well as the ‘posters’ and infographics available to download from our website.