GIRES Response to Liz Truss Statement to Women and Equalities Select Committee

Ms Truss, in her recent statement to Women and Equalities Select Committee, focused on the priorities to be taken forward by the now severely depleted Government Equalities Office. This is a worrying step in itself, especially for those minority groups who have fought hard to achieve legislation that specifically protects them.

GIRES stands shoulder to shoulder with other members of the trans community in its quest to prevent the societal pressures created by the Covid 19 pandemic, being exploited as an opportunity to undermine the rights of certain groups within this community.

Ms Truss has singled out two particular topics that affect our communities. The first is the protection of women’s spaces which, sadly, may hide a subtext that could result in the exclusion of trans women from these spaces.

The second topic is the apparent support of gender diverse children and young people by Ms Truss, in giving them more time to make decisions. The unstated, but clear implication, is that this ‘support’ would involve ‘delay’ in offering medical relief. This would negate the current safety measures in place for this group, by failing to address their immediate discomfort. This relief enables them to make carefully considered decisions on the best way forward. Delaying such medical support for young people would have the opposite effect to that intended.

GIRES believes that MPs generally would benefit from a better understanding of the needs of young service-users and their families, as well as accurate information regarding the treatment protocol and the checks and balances therein.

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