Funding for Local Family Support Groups

GIRES, in collaboration with Depend and Mermaids, has presented a national programme of workshops for the families of people affected by gender dysphoria. We have to date presented workshops in London (twice), Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle and Sheffield. Further workshops are planned in Nottingham, Cambridge and Bristol. In many instances, we work closely with the local gender identity clinics. Information about those workshops can be found under ‘Information for families’. The evaluation forms, completed by the people attending, demonstrate that the advance information we provide and the workshops are of great value.

Part of the legacy of the workshops is that local support groups are being established to provide continuing support for families in several of the cities that we have visited. GIRES has obtained a charitable grant to be used In helping those and other local groups to become established. These funds are intended to cover literature, room-hire and travel during each group’s start-up period.

Any group that wishes to discuss with GIRES the possibility of being awarded start-up funds should contact the charity. Full address details for GIRES can be found on our Contact Us page.

Funding the Educational Work of Transgendered People on Low Incomes

GIRES offers financial support for the educational work carried on at local level by transgendered people who are unemployed or on low incomes. This should enable them to increase the amount of educational work that they can afford to undertake. For this purpose, low income is defined as being less than £200 per week before tax.

The educational activities which the scheme covers include giving talks to local groups that are in a position to improve the lives of those affected by gender identity and intersex issues. Such groups might include representatives of Health Authorities, the medical profession, the police, the Samaritans, Citizens Advice Bureaux, Social Services, employers, the teaching profession, etc. GIRES will also cover expenses incurred by such activists in representing the charity at conferences and exhibitions attended by people from the foregoing sectors.

The expenses which GIRES will reimburse include stationery, postage, telephone, travel, subsistence and placing stands at conferences and exhibitions. Other types of cost, not covered in the foregoing list, may also be reimbursed provided that GIRES has given prior authorisation.