Exploring Trans Attitudes Towards the ‘T’ Community

My name is Cody Byrne and I am currently studying my MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

For one of my assignments, I’m looking to work with three older (+45 years of age) trans* people to interview them about their attitudes towards elements of the ‘T’ community. The interview will take, at max, an hour at a time that suits them and I can travel to them. The coffee is on me!

The study, including the questions that will be asked, have all been guaranteed ethical approval by LSE and appropriate lectures. Items that could be potentially distressing is kept to an absolute minimum and, of course, confidentiality is of utmost importance. They will have the opportunity to withdraw participation at any point during the interview or afterwards.

If you feel you or you may know any individuals who may be interested in participating, feel free to pass on my contact information.

My email is ‘C.Byrne5@lse.ac.uk‘ and my phone number is 07411 443 393.