Exploring the relationship between people who identify as trans and the medical community

My name is Kathy and I am studying for an MSc in Science communication at Imperial College London.

As part of my MSc, I must design and conduct research in an area of personal interest and I have chosen to explore the relationship between people who identify as trans and the medical community. I am interested in learning about what being trans means for different individuals and how this relates to the medical establishment, treatment and perception of trans people, as well as experiences and interactions with medical professionals.

As a cis individual, I do not want to claim to know anyone’s world and I understand that it is not anyone’s job to educate me. However, I feel it would be invaluable to learn of the personal experiences of different individuals.

The interviews will last no longer than 45 minutes and can be done either face to face, skype or by telephone. If face-to-face, I can travel to participants within the London and surrounding areas.

I have a Participant Information form, which outlines in more detail the purposes of my research, the topics I intend to cover and the ethical guidelines I will be following. I can send this as an attachment.

Please contact Kathy Grenville on kg218@ic.ac.uk.