Caring for Trans Adults

Creating Employment Opportunities

In Sefton, Merseyside, a volunteer project is helping transgender men and women become a valued part of the workforce, develop new skills and gain self-esteem. This helps to counteract depression and the many health issues associated with isolation, unemployment, poverty and poor housing. We hope that before long similar initiatives will spring into being elsewhere.

Addressing transgender through creative recruitment practices (NHS website).

Consent Forms

Consent forms intended to protect both service users and clinicians by ensuring that proper information has been given and fully understood before embarking on treatment. The forms relevant to hormone treatment may be provided at the first appointment, so that service users have the opportunity to take the forms away and consider any gaps in their knowledge while waiting for basic blood tests to be done. Although hormone treatment will almost always follow, this should not be presumed to be an automatic process since tests may reveal serious contra-indications.

Document: Informed Consent Forms June 2018 (PDF, 285KB)


When trans individuals and those that fall under the wider ‘trans’ or ‘transgender’ umbrella are admitted to hospital it is essential that they are accorded patient-centred, respectful, sensitive and flexible responses to their unique gender needs.

Advice on legal and practical aspects can be found under Hospital accommodation of trans people & gender variant children.

Your Body, Your Health

Are you a Trans man? Your Body, Your Health explains the health choices for trans men, trans masculine and non-binary people.