Broader View: Episode 3 Sex Education

Host Mirelle Harris explores sex and relationship education in schools. Are we delivering good quality teaching to young people or are we failing to give them what they need to make informed, healthy and safe decisions?

The current Sex and Relationship Education Guidance was written in 2000, when the internet was in its infancy, there was little social media and few mobile phones in our pockets. Gender issues were generally not discussed and heterosexual relationships were promoted as the norm.

The government recently launched a consultation to look at updating the curriculum, to see what may now need to be included to help young people make educated and informed decisions about their lives, based on fact and not myth.

Mirelle talks to top professionals to gather information and to young people to hear about their personal experiences of sex and relationship education in the classroom.

Broader View: Episode 3 Sex Education

Bernard and Terry appear in the discussion later in the podcast starting at around 20 minutes talk about gender diversity.