BBC Show participation opportunity: Electric Ray Television Company (01/07/16)

BBC Show participation opportunity. The usual caution is advised, please make sure you are fully aware and fully included in any process you agree to partake in:

New BBC1 Show

My name is Claire and I am a producer at a Television Production company called Electric Ray, we are currently making a new BBC1 show following people who are about to experience a huge turning point in their life. For example it could be someone getting married after overcoming a health issue, a person preparing for a crucial job interview or a single dad going on a first date – anything that is of huge significance to them personally.

During my research I came across your website and hoped you might be able to help me with my research as I would like to reach out to the trans community about the programme and see if there is anyone who might want to get involved and tell their story.

We want to help people feel confident and ready to take on a life changing moment by inviting them into our purpose-built salon. Here they will meet people going through similar experiences and receive a full, free makeover. Our aim is for each person to leave the salon feeling like the best version of themselves. We want to show how a positive transformation in someone’s outward appearance can have an incredible impact on their emotional wellbeing.

As each person undergoes a physical transformation before our eyes – via conversations with the stylists – we’ll learn more about their life story and why they are in need of a helping hand. We’ll then follow each person out of the salon and into the real world as they take on their date with destiny – a heart-warming and emotional payoff at the end of the show.

This isn’t a ‘makeover show’ in the familiar sense but a documentary series in the style of First Dates and 24 Hours in A&E. The salon environment and makeover process gives us an engaging way of telling powerful human stories.

To find out a bit more, all people have to do is email or call me on 0207 061 8614 .

We can answer any questions ahead of our starting filming in late July/early August.

Thanks so much

Claire Castle
0207 0618 614

30 Golden Square, London, W1F 9LU