BAME/POC trans inclusivity handbook – UK survey

My name is Sabah and I’ve been writing and talking about inclusive practice for a few years now. I’ve published a free guide: which has been downloaded over a thousand times, proving writing around this is much needed.

I’m now in the privileged position to be working on a bigger, longer handbook on inclusive practice of Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME)/people of colour (POC) trans (including non-binary and gender non-conforming people) and need the voices of our amazing BAME/POC trans community in it. There is so much value in education from lived experience. I want to collect our voices, so when white/cis gender folk ask us one more time how to be better, we can save our energy and direct them to this book.

This survey is for anyone who identifies as BAME/POC and trans and is currently in the UK. This is specific to experiences in the UK as most writing around our communities comes from USA and Canada. Our community struggles and resources are also specific to our country, so experiences of BAME/POC trans migrants in the UK are absolutely important to be included too. I will also be including UK specific resources and services that support and empower our communities.

It would help me so much to hear from you. Comment as much/as little as you want. All answers will be anonymous or anonymised and will potentially feature in this book, so by commenting, you’re also agreeing that it is okay for this to be printed. With that in mind, please only write what you are happy to see in print.

E–mail me at for any questions or queries.

Survey: BAME/POC trans inclusivity handbook – UK survey (Google Docs)