Transgender Awareness for Employers & Service Providers

GIRES is grateful for the funding that the Department for Communities and Local Government committed to support the development of this e-learning resource. The resource is intended for use by organisations in the public and private sectors.

There are a number of different modules:

  • Introduction is an overview of the menu and step by step guide to the training.
  • Module 1 is a general introduction to gender variance, for example explaining basic terminology
  • Module 2 covers how to create trans-inclusive workplaces and specific guidance on how to support an employee who transitions at work
  • Module 3 covers how to provide trans-inclusive services to the general public

You can choose to complete the modules in any order, and they can be completed independently, however it is recommended that you complete Module 1 (Introduction to gender variance) prior to completing the other two modules. Modules take approximately 20-30 minutes each to complete.

Note: In order to use these modules you will need a flash plugin to be installed on your internet browser. For Windows 10 users the Edge browser has a plugin built in. Apple Mac computers and iPads will need an equivalent flash plugin also for Safari.