Gender Identity Research & Education Society

GIRES is a UK wide organisation whose purpose is to improve the lives of trans and gender diverse people of all ages, including those who are non-binary and non-gender.

GIRES is a volunteer operated membership charity that, in collaboration with the other groups in its field, hears, helps, empowers and gives a voice to trans and gender non-conforming individuals, including those who are non-binary and non-gender, as well as their families.

We use evidence from these individuals’ lived experiences, combined with scientific research into gender identity development, to educate all those who are able to improve their wellbeing. We contribute to policy development regarding equality and human rights for these individuals, especially in healthcare.

We also deliver training, e-learning and information to public and private sector organisations, many of which are corporate members of the charity, for instance when a trans or gender non-conforming employee or student needs support.

Please download our leaflet, Information and support for trans, non-binary and non-gender people (PDF, 525KB), for a starting point of discovery.

Celebrating Infinitely Diverse Gender Expressions

A few of GIRES’ friends colleagues and supporters.


The trustees of GIRES are deeply grateful to five members of the charity who have dedicated their skills and valuable time to developing and maintaining its website, its TranZwiki directory of support groups and its social media links.

Denise Anderson, whose death we sadly reported in September 2016, constructed the website, maintained TranzWiki and established our social media links. Helen Belcher built TranzWiki. Terry Reed has prepared much of the website’s content.

Now, we are delighted to announce that Coran Foddering has rebuilt the website to make it easier to navigate and to update. Jodi Winters has redesigned TranzWiki, to improve the visibility of the 400 national and local trans support groups listed there, and taken on the social media links.

The expert efforts of all these people will enable GIRES to continue using the internet to improve the lives of trans people.

If you wish to contact Coran about website development, you can do so via Coran’s Web.

To contact Jodi about TranzWiki or social media, you can do so via

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