Galop-LGBT+anti-abuse charity

We have launched this helpline to support the community and ensure that there is a safety net for victims as this national conversation continues.

The helpline aims to provide a safe, confidential listening and information service to any LGBT+ person aged 13+. People can contact the helpline if they are currently experiencing abuse aimed at changing, altering, or ‘curing’ their LGBT+ identity. We also recognise the long-term impact on LGBT+ people, and our service is also available to people who have experienced so-called conversion therapy in the past and are still struggling with it. Conversion therapy refers to any practice which tries to change, alter, suppress, or “cure” an LGBT+ person’s orientation or gender identity. This kind of abuse can take a wide range of forms, including verbal, psychological, physical, and sexual abuse. According to the Government Equalities Office’s 2017 National LGBT Survey, 5% of LGBT+ people have been offered or threatened with these practices, and a further 2% have been put through them.

The helpline will be run by expert, trained, LGBT+ staff, so that nobody has to struggle through the government’s consultation alone.


Support For

  • Gender diverse young people aged 13-18
  • Gender diverse young people aged 18-25
  • Activism
  • Advocacy
  • Counselling
  • Helpline

Regions covered

  • UK Wide


0800 130 3335 Monday-Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm free phone)