Beaumont Trust

"The Beaumont Trust is a charitable educational resource, originally founded in 1971, for medical, voluntary and lay people looking to learn more about Gender Dysphoria, “Trans,” Transgender issues and related matters.

We are a small registered charity, doing what we can to properly inform others. The Beaumont Trust’s objectives are as follows:

To assist Medical and other support organisations working in the delivery of care to those affected by Gender Dysphoria by providing thoughtful leadership, research, and information. To educate and inform the general public and professional organisations about Transgender issues, care, support, equality, and integration. To relieve the emotional stress caused by transgenderism ( transsexualism), or by cross-dressing (transvestism) to those affected, their families and friends.

We provide information to those affected by the issues concerning the trans spectrum. The Trust’s vision is to create an educated and informed society where all gender diversity is valued, respected and celebrated in a safe and rewarding environment for all gender variant people. "



Support For

  • Allies of trans and gender diverse people
  • Families of trans and gender diverse people
  • Advocacy
  • Counselling
  • Health
  • Training

Regions covered

  • UK Wide
UK Wide