Travel Bursaries for Clinicians

Mermaids and GIRES are jointly offering bursaries to mental health professionals in the UK who wish to consider seriously the establishment of a local service to treat gender variant children and adolescents according to the Dutch protocol.

The bursaries will cover travel, as well as accommodation and subsistence during the professional’s stay in Amsterdam, where the local clinicians are very willing to share their knowledge with others working in this field.

Any professionals in the UK who wish to apply for a bursary should write to GIRES, at the address on our Contact Us page, on the headed notepaper of the organisation that employs them, with a description of:

  • the possible local service, including the names and disciplines of the proposed members of the multidisciplinary team
  • the proposed arrangements to visit Amsterdam, including confirmation of the Dutch clinicians’ agreement to make information available about their protocol
  • the estimated costs for travel, accommodation and subsistence