Trans Jersey

Trans* Jersey is a voluntary not-for-profit group formed: to provide support to transgender, transsexual, androgynous, genderqueer, bigender and intersex Jersey residents; to provide information to cisgender islanders, such as employers, healthcare professionals and teachers, who are dealing with individuals who are undergoing, or thinking about undergoing, gender transition; and, to work to ensure that the States of Jersey’s legislation and government policies that directly affect the trans* community are appropriate and fit for purpose.The transgender population in Jersey is very small. It is estimated that about 2-5% of any given population suffers from some degree of gender dysphoria and, of them, only 1 in 12,000 natal males and 1 in 34,000 natal females will transition, although these numbers are increasing.




Trans* Jersey now has a regular group meeting for trans* islanders. There is lots of medical evidence that says that trans* individuals do better when they have a support group around them.Trans* Jersey now has a monthly meeting. Please email for more information.

Support For

  • Families of trans and gender diverse people
  • Gender diverse young people aged 18-25
  • Adult Intersex
  • Adult Non Binary
  • Trans and gender diverse men
  • Trans and gender diverse women
  • Activism
  • Advocacy
  • Counselling
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Training

Regions covered

  • Channel Islands


P O Box 567
St Helier