Spirit Level

Spirit Level is a long standing peer support for people who identify as Transgender or Non-Binary. We promote acceptance and understanding of Transgenderism and Transgendered (TG) people in Liverpool and to promote the interests of Transgendered people. We support TG people, their families, friends and others, to better aid the understanding and acceptance of TG people. In particular to help relieve the mental and emotional stress suffered by all TG persons by providing help, education, empowerment and support and/or signposting to a more relevant support Group. We aim to educate and inform a wider society and professional groups about all aspects of Transgenderism and Gender Dysphoria, gain public understanding and tolerance and where necessary, challenge people and institutions denying rights or support to TG people.




Contact the group directly for information, and not the venue, for any information.

Support For

  • Allies of trans and gender diverse people
  • Families of trans and gender diverse people
  • Gender diverse children (under 13)
  • Trans and gender diverse Parents
  • Gender diverse young people aged 13-18
  • Gender diverse young people aged 18-25
  • Adult Non Binary
  • Parents of trans and gender diverse people
  • Partners of trans and gender diverse people
  • Trans and gender diverse men
  • Trans and gender diverse women
  • Variations in Sex Characteristics
  • Activism
  • Advocacy
  • Counselling
  • Media Industry

Regions covered

  • North West
Liverpool Merseyside


The Bagelry
42 Nelson Street
L1 5DN