Salisbury Rainbow Trans Group

We are a smaller group than some others in the south, but what we lack in numbers we more than make up for in terms of friendliness and support. If you are a member of the trans community or are considering taking those first tentative steps out to meet others with similar feelings of gender uncertainty then please consider coming along to one of our evenings and meeting us.

We currently meet for an evening each month, with recent attendances climbing to a dozen or more. Although most of the group are MtF (Male to Female), we also welcome FtM trans people.

Our social evenings may seem to be light-hearted, but the two organisers are very experienced within the region's trans community and can offer support and advice for anyone wishing it.

We have contact with some of the country's leading trans support organisations and counselling services. We are also in contact with the local police LGBT liaison officers, who occasionally attend our social evenings.

The group has a relatively high proportion of full-time trans people, and we hope to maintain this balance.

We meet on the first Thursday evening of each month in the bar of The Queen's Arms in Ivy Street, Salisbury, it's one of Salisbury's quieter, city-centre pub, from  8.30~11.30 pm.



Support For

  • Trans and gender diverse men
  • Trans and gender diverse women
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Regions covered

  • South West
Salisbury and surrounding areas