Gender Identity Support Service

Our charity, DISC has delivered support services for LGBT young people since 2004.

Our Gender Identity support service helps people aged 15-25 living in the North East who are struggling with their gender identity. We particularly focus on raising confidence and self esteem in relation to their transition.

Our dedicated, trained workers help people to feel more comfortable, build their confidence, expand their social networks and improve their emotional well- being.

We provide advice and information, tailored one to one sessions, peer group support meetings, social outings, workshops, and parent support groups for individuals and also their families where required.

We also provide support around gender and coming out, mental and physical health, family relationships, living situation, education and employment, coping mechanisms, and sexual health . Our staff can provide practical support around transitioning  such as accompanying service users to appointments or assisting them with the process of changing their name etc.

Around 90% of young people we support have  previously experienced issues including  self-harm eating disorders or substance misuse.

Our staff promote the issues associated with gender identity through training and awareness sessions delivered within   schools, colleges as well as through  workshops, events, seminars and training sessions for local authorities, primary care trust, colleges, schools, voluntary sector organisations, hospitals, police, housing and GP surgeries.



Support For

  • Trans and gender diverse Parents
  • Gender diverse young people aged 13-18
  • Adult Non Binary

Regions covered

  • North East
North East (Northumberland, Tees Valley, County Durham, Tyne & Wear)


01325 731 160 ask for Gender Identity Support Service)
Sapphire House,
IES Centre,
Horndale Avenue,
Aycliffe Business Park,
Newton Aycliffe,