Black Trans Foundation

Black Trans Foundation is a new non-profit organisation working for the social advancement of Black* trans* people in the UK. We are building a world where Black trans and gender-nonconforming (gnc) people have the same access to healthcare and opportunities as their cisgender counterparts.

*We are using trans as an umbrella term and are referring to those who do not identify with the gender that they were assigned at birth. This includes but is not limited to those who are trans and/or non-binary, genderfluid, agender, gender non-conforming and questioning. We provide 4 months of free therapy to Black trans & non-binary people in the UK.

*When referring to Black, we describe those who are Black or of Black mixed heritage.




Support For

  • Trans and gender diverse people from ethnic minorities
  • Trans and gender diverse men
  • Trans and gender diverse women
  • Activism
  • Advocacy
  • Counselling
  • Health

Regions covered

  • UK Wide