Transgender Safety Concern – 8th September 2018

GIRES is very pleased to be one of the organisations that is sponsoring a conference in London on 8th September 2018 for gender diverse people and their allies that you may wish to attend.

For more information:

We’re Still Here

A Celebration of Trans UK

Get the date in your diary NOW! 8 September – Central London Venue

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This event is for trans people – binary and non-binary alike – and our friends. If you would like details of the Eventbrite booking page, register now. Just send your name, email address and contact details to

Ticket Pricing

Full-price attendees at the event will pay £15. Don’t forget to add a little bit for the Eventbrite levy. If you are not able to pay this there is a concession rate of £5. We are also looking at ways, including “pay it forward”, to cover the cost for anyone not able to afford the concession rate.