LBT Women’s Health Week 2020

Posted on behalf of the National LGB&T Partnership.

We’d love for you to get involved with the week through running your own events and activities, educating yourselves and your colleagues (try our webinars), reviewing your own approaches and spreading the word.

In advance of LBT Women’s Health Week 2020, which runs March 9th – 13th, watch our pre-launch webinar (you may need to follow the instructions to add an extension to your browser and then click again) or look over our pre-launch slides to get the full briefing on who we are, what the week is, why it runs and how to get involved.

For examples of good practice you could adapt and replicate during the week, check out the (still very relevant) LBT Women’s Health Week Good Practice Guide 2019.

Follow us on twitter @LGBTPartnership and follow the hashtag #LBTWomensHealth20

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