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Information for educators.

Follow the links below to view our available resources on Gender Development specifically designed for educators. Please contact GIRES directly if the material provided doesn't suit your circumstances, and we will design something specifically for your situation. Note that there is also information suitable for younger children in our family advice section.

Assisting Schools to Combat Transphobic Bullying

GIRES has extensive experience of assisting schools in developing policies, training their staff and handling specific situations. The charity works with a range of other reputable expert support groups. The charity will be very pleased to respond quickly to a request for help from any school, supply information, including relevant free literature, offer policy advice and refer the school to whichever group can best provide tailor-made training to meet its needs.

Click here to download the pdf document.

Teacher's Kit for Gender BlurringHuffinton post masthead

Melissa Bollow Tempel has written a most helpful piece about children who do not fit the typical binary division into ‘boys’ and ‘girls’, which may be viewed here

Government Advice on Bullying in Schools

The government's most recent guidance on transphobic bullying is found in "Preventing and tackling bullying: Advice for Headteachers, Staff, and governing bodies," which can be downloaded here.




Transgender Equality in Further Education

LSIS Logo The Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) has placed a free e-learning resource on its website, covering transgender equality in further education. Click here.

LGB&T learners in Further Education

The Skills Funding Agency has published its study into LGB&T learners in Further Education, to which GIRES and the Lesbian and Gay Foundation contributed. The full report, including recommendations for the SFA and FE colleges, can be downloaded below.

Click here to download the pdf document.

Regional Study of homophobia & transphobia in South Yorkshire

Eleanor Formby has produced a paper taking an in-depth look at transphobia and homophobia in settings supporting young people (schools and youth work) in South Yorkshire. The paper stufy has some potentially useful insights and implications for national practice and/or future research.

Click here to download the full report
Click here to download the summary

DCSF Guidance

Many schools now have robust procedures in place to deal with bullying. However, the prevalence of sexist, sexual and transphobic bullying may be underestimated. This guidance has been developed to help school staff recognise, report and respond to these forms of bullying.

This document forms part of the ‘Safe to Learn’ suite of anti-bullying guidance for schools. It outlines what school leaders and school staff can do to prevent and respond to sexist, sexual and transphobic bullying. The guidance aims to do two things: firstly, build understanding around what sexist, sexual and transphobic bullying is and how it is relevant to schools, and secondly provide schools with the information they need to prevent and tackle this form of bullying. This includes the development of whole school policy and effective practice.

GIRES Response to the recently published "The importance of teaching: The Schools" White paper

Our commentary on the White Paper highlights the problems of bullying perpetrated against trans people in schools and suggests means by which they should be tackled. Download the full report here.

Harsh Realities

A study in the United States by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) shows that transgender students face much higher levels of harassment and violence than LGB students. And these high levels of victimization result in these students missing more school, receiving lower grades and feeling isolated and not part of the school community. The report also reveals that many of these students lack the school supports and resources that have been shown to improve school climate for LGBT students. Most of these students, for example, do not have access to a Gay-Straight Alliance in school and most reported not having a school or district anti-bullying or anti-harassment policy that specifically includes protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. The full report is available here.