The survey is open to anyone who has had an appointment at, or who has been on a waiting list for a UK NHS Gender Identity Clinic during the last three years.

This survey is being carried out by the Scottish Trans Alliance to find out more about people's experiences at UK NHS Gender Identity Clinics in the last three years.

You can find out more about the Scottish Trans Alliance at: 

The survey is being co-hosted by ourselves at GIRES, and we will use the responses from parts of the UK outside of Scotland to inform our work. This will give us a useful snapshot of the current situation from the patients perspective in the last three years.  

To access the survey please click the button below:

If you would like more information about the survey, or to request it in a paper format, please get in touch with Vic Valentine by emailing  or calling 0131 467 6039


All responses will be anonymous and confidential.

The survey will ask you questions about the impact of waiting times, about your experiences with doctors at GICs, and about any hormones, surgeries or other treatments you may have had as part of your transition, and how you felt about these. It also asks about administration at GICs, and whether or not you are aware of relevant protocols that govern trans care pathways in the various countries of the UK.

How long the survey will take you to complete will depend on how many of the questions about various treatments are relevant to you. The survey could take as little as 15 minutes to complete, but if you have lots to say and complete all of the questions, the survey may take up to one hour. The survey has been designed with skip logic to take you around any questions which aren't relevant.

You will be able to leave the site and return to it, and complete your questions later, if you aren't able to do the survey in one go. You need to select 'next' on the bottom of whichever page you are completing to save your answers so far. As long as you don't delete your internet cookies or history, when you return to the survey link your answers will be saved.