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Statistics From the Gender Recognition Panel

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Plot of Gender Recognition Certificates Applications Pending.

Pending Applications

The number of pending applications includes those (close to 40%) which have been found wanting and are the subject of panel directions; these deferred applications do not in general have any particular precedence when resubmitted. The dates of the panel's hearings to consider pending applications can be found here; each sitting typically looks at sixteen cases. The intention of the GRP is that all applications are heard within 14 weeks (down from 20 weeks).

Applicants are urged to study the advice on this website on the form and structure of the evidence needed. The more care taken to ensure the application is watertight the better the chance of success.

A note on serial numbers

It has been noticed that the serial numbers on new certificates are larger than the number of certificates issued. The GRC's originally started at serial number 000101 but a few certificates were destroyed. The same serial sequence is also used for the overseas certificates. Interim Certificates have a separate sequence again starting at 000101.

Each serial number is issued just once. If an organisation wants to confirm the validity of a certificate, then with the applicant's permission the GRP can use the serial number as one of the ways to check.

Lost or damaged Certificates

GRC on Fire

There has been concern expressed that a lost or damaged GRC cannot be replaced. The original GRC is sent by the GRP to the applicant and a copy is kept on their file. Currently a duplicate is not available, however on request, the GRP can send a ‘Certified & True’ Copy of a lost or damaged GRC.

Consideration is being given to the possibility of producing a duplicate original.

The General Register Office can provide a duplicate of the new birth certificate.

General Register Office
Room C202
Smedley Hydro
Trafalgar Road

Tel: +44 (0) 151 471 4821
Fax: +44 (0) 151 471 4755


if you would like to share your experiences in any dealings with with the Gender Recognition Panel, positive or otherwise, with us please

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Please note any complaints or concerns about a current application should be communicated directly to

The Law

Gender Recognition Certificates are issued in accordance with the Gender Recognition Act.