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Atypical gender development

2006 Review
(see Further Studies below)

In 2003, Gires ran a small symposium in London, assisted by the BCC Trans group (founded in 1993, to promote better care for transsexual people) with additional funding from The King's Fund (a prestigious UK charity providing funds for medical and scientific work).

The symposium, all of whose members had specialist knowledge of transsexualism, including several who had experienced the condition themselves and had transitioned, produced a comprehensive review of what is currently known in the scientific field about atypical development. The resultant paper, with an appended list of signatories, is available in pdf format (at the bottom of this page).

The group was chaired by Professor Milton Diamond, and included trans people:

These specialists are from the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Japan and the USA.

The paper was published in the International Journal of Transgenderism in 2006. Accordingly, with effect from November 2004, the paper is under limited copyright to The Haworth Press Inc, Binghamton, New York, the Publisher of the Journal. It may be used only by the signatories for oral presentation, and on their university or clinical websites. It may not be used for profit or systematic third party sales or dissemination, by which is meant any interlibrary loan or document delivery systems. Others may not use the paper except for personal or professional purposes.

Consolidated Responses

Three critiques of this paper are published together with it. GIRES acceded to the editors demand to waive typical publication procedures, so that the original review, the Journal’s reviewers’ comments on it, and this response should be published simultaneously. The numbering of the paragraphs in this response is not related to that in the original article.

Further Studies

Since the publication of this paper in the International Journal of Transgenderism in 2006, a number of further studies, relevant to gender identity development, have been conducted. This synopsis includes references to the most noteworthy of these studies available in 2012 and makes no claims to be comprehensive.