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November 2014

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11–13th July

The Sparkle Weekend—10th Anniversary 2014

Welcome to Sparkle the National Transgender Celebration - a weekend festival held every July, in the Village area of Manchester. This year is very special, celebrating 10 years of Sparkle. To mark this amazing anniversary Sparkle in the Park will be taking place on the Saturday and Sunday this year. It is hoped that this will be the biggest and best Sparkle festival to date so please come and join in the celebrations as together we share pride in our trans-identity!

Sparkle is an inclusive festival, so we make a special effort to include our female to male (FtM), Gender Queer and drag king friends across the whole weekend..

More information here

25–27th July

Trans Pride Brighton

A community interest group sets out to inspire all trans, intersex, gender variant and queer people to help make a real difference. An all volunteer group, is planning a three day event once again, the week before LGBT Pride in Brighton, from Friday 25th July to Sunday 27th July 2014.
More information here

8th November

National Trans Youth Network Conference

The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) applauds the plans to develop a National Trans* Youth Network (NYTN), commencing with a conference in Manchester on 8th November 2014. The charity has joined with the 23 other organisations sponsoring this initiative to involve fully the young trans* people that they support and also empower them to get their voices heard among the organisations on which their wellbeing depends, in education, medical care, criminal justice and employment.

GIRES has consistently championed the needs of young trans* people and their families, in collaboration with the other groups that work in this field, celebrated the wide diversity of their individual gender experiences and expressions, enabled them to engage with policy makers and ensured that they have been able to contribute to the delivery of its training programmes. The charity now welcomes the formation of the NYTN to carry this work forward.

About 1 in 100 people experience a significant degree of gender variance, i.e. 10 in a school of 1,000 pupils. Hitherto, most have not been visible because they fear rejection and harassment and 23% engage in self harm/overdose. The number being referred to the gender identity development service provided in London, Exeter and Leeds is now growing at 50% per annum.

GIRES is making £s;5,000 available the NYTN on a matched funding basis. NYTN has more than matched this sum with grants from the National LGB&T Network (£s;2,000) and Awards for All (£s;4,000), resulting in a total of £s;11,000. This should be sufficient to cover the costs of arranging an excellent conference and establishing the Network.

The booking arrangements for the conference on 8th November and brief description of the event are on view