As well as any events and consulations that GIRES will be doing if you have some research you would like us to share out for paricipation from others then feel free to contact us on by email at .


Current Consultations:


Gender, the body, and quality of life survey (Loughborough university and the Nottingham Centre for Gender Dysphoria)

Researchers from Loughborough University are looking for participants with a range of different gender identities (e.g., cisgender, transgender, non-binary) to complete a 10 minute online survey about gender, the body and quality of life.

The findings of this study will inform the development of a measure that will be used to help health professionals understand more about the feelings and experiences of transgender individuals and to support their treatment and care.

If you would like to find out more, or take part in the research then please follow the link:


Trans Women & Prostate Cancer

Natalie Williams of Cancer Research UK is doing an M.Sc research project in Prostate cancer in Transwomen.

She would like to include all those who identify as a transwoman, irrespective of whether they have received hormone treatment or GRS. It is important to listen to and include the experiences of people who identify as a woman accessing a male only cancer access/support.

More information can be found at:

You may then like to complete the anonymous online survey

Thank you for helping Natalie in this worthwhile project

Anthea Makepeace


Current Surveys:


LGBT Foundation survey on trans health

At LGBT Foundation we’ve just launched our Trans People’s Sexual Health survey, looking into trans people’s needs and experiences of sexual health and sexual health services. It’s open to all trans people over 18 living in England, and can be accessed online until Friday 7th April.

Participate in the LGBTFoundation Trans People's Sexual Health survey


Stonewall survey on what life in Britain is like as an LGBT young person

Stonewall have launched a survey for LGBT young people aged 11-19 on what life in Britain is like as an LGBT young person. There are questions across different areas, for example about young people’s social and school life, plans for the future, inspiring role models, and other things about their life.

Participate in the stonewall survey on what Britain is like as an LGBT young person


LGBT+ students' beliefs and well-being (King's College, London)

King's College is looking to recruit UK students who identify as LGBT+ to take part in an online survey to help us understand more about people's experiences, beliefs and behaviours in relation to their identity and experiences of stigma. We hope that this will help us develop an intervention to support LGBT+ people who suffer from mental health problems.