Report and support - you can help us to make life better for all trans people.

We assure you that you can use the GIRES service in confidence. It enables you to give us information that we can assemble into summarised reports without revealing any person's identity.  We will use those reports to inform the Home Office, the police, the Crown Prosecution Service and local authorities about the frequency and type of crime trans people are experiencing.  We will also be able to pinpoint the locations where this crime is occurring most frequently and where the police should concentrate.

You can also, but only if you wish, use the system to ask for help from one of the trans support organisations and even report the crime to the police.

Tips for online reporting

Mac users please note the pdf form does not work correctly with Preview - Use Acrobat Reader

To submit the form using the provided button your computer must be configured to use an email server. Otherwise please use the file➛export➛XML 1.0 menu entry and send the file as an attachment to

Welcome to the GIRES transphobic crime reporting service

If you need immediate assistance, dial 999
and send us a report later

We have provided you with alternative methods of reporting, either online or by using a form that you can print off and send to us via surface mail. We have appended some notes to the bottom of this page to help you if you have difficulty with the online method